Monday, July 7, 2008

Almost 4 weeks post op!

Just a couple of days shy of the 4 week mark and I'm doing great! Dr. Ellis is a no weight bearing surgeon so I am still on crutches putting NO weight on my right leg. I have found that I feel pretty good. I am able to stand up fairly quickly and without pain and I can sleep almost any way I want to at night. Honestly, that is the best part of the recovery - sleeping in any position! :-) The steps are not nearly as difficult any longer - I venture to say that they aren't hard at all! My first trip down the stairs post-op was horrible, but we've come a long way since then! For the record I don't recommend a Tornado Warning 10 days post-op...

I have not started any therapy yet, as there is a portion of my incision still healing. My gym membership allows me access to a pool and a stationary bike so I can go whenever I feel comfortable with the healed incision. Dr. Ellis will send me to PT at my 6-week appointment on July 31.

Everyone int he family has been great about helping me get around. My 16 year old daughter has been my chauffeur and getting into and out of the car is down to a science at this point. She even knows where to park in the driveway to make it easier for me! John has kept the house running like a well-oiled machine!

Last weekend I was in our local July 4th parade to support my friend's husband who is running for US Senate. I got to ride in my wheelchair and throw candy while my awesome son pushed! I had a great time and it made me feel almost normal to be out and about again.We rented a wheelchair for the event and had it for a whole week so we took advantage of it and took a trip to the mall before we returned it! Unfortunately John returned the wheelchair this past weekend so I have to crutch around. Of course the grocery has motorized scooters which are lots of fun. (GROAN!!)