Sunday, June 8, 2008

Almost There...

Well, just about 60 hours away from my surgery and I am fairly calm. I think I have everything in order at this point! EVERYONE just keeps asking me if I'm nervous. I wasn't... until everyone started asking me if I was nervous!!

My fancy Millenial Crutches arrived this past week. I was hoping to get red, but instead they are dark gray. Oh well... They are assembled and ready to go to the hospital on Wednesday. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I tried them out a little bit. I was pleased to discover that they were the "Pro" edition with ergonomically correct handles, making them right and left specific. In light of this I thought it best for me to mark one somehow. My right crutch now has a pretty green ribbon adorning the handle!

I have my bag packed, but am not sure how much in that bag I really need. I am sure that twizzlers aren't on the list of suggested items to take for surgery! I just know that I'll have lots of company, and I want to make sure that I have something for the kids when the come. Yeah, anyone out there reading this who knows me realizes at this point that I'm full of shit. The twizzlers are for me. But the chocolate chip cookies are for the kids, I promise!! I also packed a new nightgown and robe, the Sudoku book that the kids got me for my birthday and plenty of sharpened pencils. My iPod is loaded with music and my noice reducing headphones are packed.

Friday was my last day at work and I believe that I have everything settled with backup resources for all of my responsibilities. I'm sure they will survive without me! Everyone knows who is doing what and if they get to a point where they don't know what to do, they will figure it out!

So my plans for the next few days are to do nothing, just take it easy and chill out. I've got lots of hard work ahead of me so I'm planning to have a few easy laid back days before!


Lauren said...

Your fellow PAO sisters will be thinking of you on Wednesday. It is so much easier when you are on the other side.
The chocolate chip cookies may come in handy with the hospital staff too. I found that if they get a treat when they come to your room they are likely to be more attentive.
Best of luck.

Cass said...

Good luck, Paige! Soon, you'll be a super star!